The Adventure Begins

Abcde, Lagut, and David have recently graduated from their respective academies in Yerbelek, and are now beginning their externship as mercenaries for the Nobrac militia. On the way to Nobrac, Skittlebritz stowed away in a pickle barrel, in an attempt to join the troup. He revealed himself to the group after caressing Abcde’s ear with a pickle, and blaming it on the advances of Lagut. Skittlebritz is currently masquerading as a fellow Yerbelek graduate, eager to begin his externship. The company thwarted a would be raid by a few goblins on their caravan before arriving at Nobrac.

Upon reaching Nobrac,Lagut followed a beautiful woman on the street to her workplace. The woman, Bertha, seemed to appreciate his advances, and accepted to accompany him to dinner. While Lagut attempted courtship, Skittlebritz lead the rest of the company in spying on Lagut’s conversation from the window of Betha’s blacksmith.

Arriving late to their meeting with Captain Lance Smith, the company was scolded before being assigned to escort a caravan to Stone’s Fang. In preparation for the trip, Lagut and Abdce sought provisions, whilst David and Skittlebritz schemed to procure funds. The scheme of the diminutive duo was to throw a party for the town and charge admission. They procured the assistance of Lars, the owner of the Hog’s Butt tavern.

Lagut was late shopping with Abcde, and nearly missed his date with Bertha. Lagut was termendously under dressed, as he merely wore the robes he had on the week he was traveling. Bertha wore an extravagant evening gown. Lagut suggested they go to the finest restaurant in town, the Starry Unicorn. Having spent all his money on supplies, Lagut was turned away at the door. Bertha, extremely upset at his poor foresight and halfhearted courtship, slapped Lagut and left.

Skittlebritz and David had good luck with their party. More than 50 towns people attended and a grand time was had by all. Skittlebritz ended up sleeping on a chair suspended from the rafters. David failed at trying to rouse a religious lecture and ended up draining a gallon of beer before passing out. Lagut carpet bombed the party until he succeeded in seducing a drunk farm maid, with whom he had terrible, sloppy sex.

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